Tired and Uninspired


I created this WordPress account about a month ago. I decided that maybe I should try something new: to leave Tumblr and transfer into a different platform for blogging. I have written numerous drafts but I was never quite satisfied with the posts I came up with. I always felt like what I wrote lacked substance and inspiration.

After graduation, I spent most of my days at home sleeping all day and stuffing myself with food I don’t deserve. The bum life is all fun and games until one day you wake up feeling so tired from the routine and seeing the bulk of fat forming in your belly.

Sometimes I will have this tiny light bulb moments and whenever I try to put it into writing, I just find myself staring at the blank screen with my brain blacked out and my fingers frozen. So I just stalled and decided to give it a little bit more time. I thought that maybe taking away the pressure from myself and letting ideas come out naturally might be the answer to my problem.


This is a compilation of the songs I listened to while creating and designing this blog. I also spent a lot of time listening to this while I was mentally struggling through the uncertainties of being unemployed, stressing about the upcoming licensure exam, and trying to re-evaluate the choices I made throughout my life. This playlist entitled Black Is The Color of My True Love’s Hair is the inspiration behind the blog’s title. It is also the title of the first track in the playlist. It is by Nina Simone, whose voice I truly adore.

I hope you enjoy listening and maybe draw out inspiration, whatever you need it for.


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