Friday’s 10 Happy Things [2]


Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things, a link-up from Helga. Every week, I will be listing the top 10 things that made me smile.

To be honest, this week was meh. I’m currently addicted to Colorfy and that’s the only thing I do all day. It has become my perfect excuse to postpone reviewing for the board exams (lol someone teach me how to be responsible). The weather isn’t helping either. I tend to wake up super early trying to open my books but once I start reading I just doze off. And I hate myself for that. Lord, pahinging productivity pls. But still, it’s time to be thankful for the little things!
  1. Sunday funday with my family! We went to Friday’s for a late celebration of my mom’s birthday. After that, we went bowling (it was my first time) and I had my sorry ass handed to me by my mom who won both games.
  2. Re-watching Naruto. I found this awesome site that streams all the Naruto episodes with english subs. See you in the next ice age, guys.
  3. Eating healthy. Most days of the week, we had my favorite veggie and fish dishes for our lunch and dinner.
  4. Got my nails done. After so long, my nails looked like they belonged to a human being. Happy because I painted it with the color that matches my soul.
  5. Notebooks. I went to Fully Booked and bought a couple of cute notebooks (that I will probably never use). I have this bad habit of buying notebooks, writing on the first page, and then never writing on it ever again. I am not proud of that but it makes me happy. Another addition to my growing pile of unused school supplies.
  6. Pancakes. Pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes for snack. Pancakes for dinner.
  7. This view.20150819_140515-01
  8. Fast internet connection. I downloaded a bunch of old movies that my friend suggested. I thought that it will be the usual all day download but for some miracle the download speed was above 200 kb/s for each movie! Thank the heavens.
  9. Today’s a holiday. It doesn’t really affect me because I am no longer studying and I’m not yet working. For me, a holiday means getting to spend more time with my family at home (even if we just sleep or sit all day with our own gadgets). Just watching TV together makes me happy.
  10. Ariana Grande in 2 days!!! I can’t wait to see you Ari baby!

How about you? What made you smile this week?

Ditz Revolution

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