Friday’s 10 Happy Things [4]


It’s my birthday week! I am officially and adult (whut). I am nervous but excited at the same time. I’m grateful for another year of life and craziness. So many things to be happy and thankful for but these are the Top 10 things that made me smile.

  1. $$$
  2. Celebrating my birthday at home with my family. We cooked spaghetti and a ton of liempo! I ate my heart out and ended up being in a food coma.
  3. Helga followed me on Twitter! It was such a fangirl moment for me, and for it to happen on my birthday is just surreal. Follow her on Twitter so you can stalk her new cutiepie cat Carly!IMG_20150911_085912
  4. My crush sent me birthday greeting on Twitter. kilig pepe
  5. Finishing one chapter on my Medical-Surgical Nursing book. That’s a lot of progress for me. More energy for reviewing, please?
  6. Miley’s new album Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. She released it for free during the VMAs and so far my favorite tracks are Fweaky and BB Talk.
  7. This joke. IMG_20150907_212820
  8. Short videos clips by Cyanide & Happiness on Twitter.
  9. I have been in this blogging frenzy the past week. I spend most of my time in front of my laptop just typing and typing and typing. Hooray for a sudden flow of ideas!
  10. $$$. (Yes, that’s a double entry because, duh)

How about you? What made you happy this week?

Ditz Revolution

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